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MapArt Publishing is Canada's leading and sole national map publisher. We employ more Canadian Cartographers than any other map company and publish an unmatched variety of titles for the country.

A known and trusted brand made possible through top notch quality and effective expert distribution.

MapArt products are available at 1,000s of points of retail every day and growing. All of our products are printed in Canada because we believe made in Canada still matters.

If you'd like more information on our products and what's new please visit our consumer products Website here.

If you are a retailer looking to carry MapArt products and would like one of our distributors to visit you please call us at 1-877-231-6277 or email us here

We offer friendly, free service and displays with up to date, relevant to your area stock that is 100% guaranteed.


The Canadian Cartographics Corporation (or simply “CCC”) has been in operation in Canada for nearly 30 years. Formerly the Canadian wing of Rand McNally, CCC maps was rebranded in 2008 and since that time has worked hard to become a name that Canadians know and trust.

“” products include Canadian city maps, provincial, and regional folded maps, street guides for all Canadian cities, U.S. state, city, & regional maps, world maps, wall maps, and custom mapping products.

Investing in state of the art technology, the right people and new creative partnerships, CCC maps are a new benchmark in accuracy. Frequent print runs insure a higher level of detail and an eye towards the future means an enhanced mapping experience.

2012 saw new innovations such as an enhanced large print cartographic style, new GPS compatible provincial road atlases and what we think is the finest North American road atlas ever produced.

2013 will see the company expand further and develop a digital map database of Canada that no other map maker can offer. CCC map products are solely distributed in Canada by MapArt+ Distribution/ MapArt Publishing Corporation.

You can also visit the website for information and news.

For Service on CCCMaps Products please call us 1-877-231-6277 or contact us via

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Quite possibly Europe's finest Cartogrtaphic House, Hallwag has teamed up with CCCmaps to bring a selection of European country and city maps to North America. Highly detailed and up to date, the Hallwag folding map line comes with an unbeatable retail price, just $9.95.

Features include:
- Attractive and accurate cartography
- Website listings
I- ndexes
- Route planners
- Different scales of cartography
- Transit maps

These Hallwag products are solely distributed in Canada by MapArt+ Distribution/

Australia is our newest title for 2015, we'll be expanding our offering in the coming months.

You can also visit the website for information and news.

For Service on Hallwag Products please call us 1-877-231-6277 or contact us via email.

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Rand McNally has been America's premier map publisher since 1872 and to this day produce an assortment of high quality US titles.

Direct Route is proud to distribute these titles to the Canadian marketplace. Whether it a US city map or a large format road atlas, Rand McNally and MapArt Distribution will get you there.

To see our selection of Rand McNally titles visit us at

For a full listing of Rand McNally products available please contact call us 1-877-231-6277 or contact us via email.

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Mussio Back Road and Recreation Guides

Direct Route proudly carries the Mussio brand of map products which includes best selling back road, topographic and recreation publications.

Mussio was founded in 1993, their distinctive, superior products have since become essential tools to Canadian outdoor enthusiasts.

Each MapArt+ Distribution representative has the Mussio line in stock at all times, to set up a service call simply contact us at 1-877-231-6277 or via email.

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